Easy Business Loans for India - Bridge2Capital, a product of Xtracap Fintech India Pvt Ltd, is an app that provides short-term business loans to small shops and businesses – digitally, transparently & easily. Hundreds of shopkeepers have made their business easier and have grown exponentially by using our app. Would you like to join our fast-growing community of DIGITAL DUKANDAARS? Then, install our quick and easy to use app and increase your profits.

How Bridge2Capital Works

Make the most of a safe, quick and easy-to-use technology to increase business turnover.


Safe, simple, easy - Bridge2Capital is the best digital portal to increase your profits.

  • Power of a doorstep service

  • Power of ease

  • Power of affordability

  • Power of convenience

  • Power of transparency

  • Power of real-time information

  • Power to carry your business with you

  • Power to choose your own valid suppliers

  • Power to buy and sell profitably

  • Power to focus more on your business

  • Power to improve your profits

  • Partnership approach: On-time repayment = More credit

  • Minimum documentation

Why Bridge2Capital?

Xtracap India offers shopkeepers a handy portal to increase their business turnover in a short time, combining the everlasting value of trust with modern-day technology.


An intuitive, easy to understand app you can always trust.


All transactions are recorded and updated in real-time.


Account and ledger statements are available at the tap of a button.


Pay interest only on the credit limit utilized.

What Our Customers Say

Bridge2Capital is redefining how small business owners see their business. Hear how from they themselves.


We at Xtracap Fintech India Pvt Ltd, value our strategic partnerships as one of the core pillars and at the center of our growth strategy. Our partnerships with different NBFCs, software solution providers and other key influencers in the MSME value chain, combined with thought leadership, a deep financial understanding and technical expertise enables us with the drive to work for BHARAT.

We have built a robust, industry leading, digital financial solution engine for small businesses, which has resulted in tremendous success. Therefore, in our endeavor for making MSMEs financially strong and inclusive we are looking forward to building long-lasting partnerships along the way.

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What Our Users Say

Bridge2Capital is redefining how small business owners see their business: Hear how from they themselves.

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Xtracap Fintech, the Gurugram-based startup, has raised $1 million in angel round of funding. The startup had launched its mobile app – Bridge2Capital in October 2018 for small shopkeepers to receive limited loan amount to pay their GST supplier bills.

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