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Bridge2Capital is a mobile app that helps shopkeepers and MSMEs increase their sales, helping them enhance profits within 2-3 months of usage - right from the comfort of their shops. We help you achieve this by providing short term loans that empower you to purchase inventory for your shop in just few minutes.

Mohammed Riaz


Gopi Krishna


Our Story

Like many Indians, we too were continuing with our safe 9-5 job. Life was comfortable. We went to office, returned home, spent time with family, watched TV, then got ready for the next day.

We were working in business insurance at the time. Our work took us to small towns and cities across India, where we met countless small business owners and storekeepers. What struck us was that each one of them had a similar story to tell: the one of having to close shops due to a lack of funds. Seeing them shut down not just their shops, but also their dreams had a huge impact on us. At the back of our minds a thought lingered: how can unorganised small businesses be in tune with organised selling?

The Lightbulb Moment

On November 8, 2016, the news of demonetization swept through the entire nation. Cashless transactions soon became the norm. At that moment, a hazy goal became clear to us – to help millions of small businesses through the power of digital technologically.

A New Start

The next step was a big one. It required us to leave the security of a stable job. Yet, we were very driven to step into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship with a major aim – to empower small businesses. That’s how our company Xtracap India was formed, and we soon registered Bridge2Capital – our online financing mobile app. We built B2C’s supply chain finance model on the principles of ‘reverse factoring.’ We directly pay the shopkeepers’ suppliers first, later the shopkeepers repay us.
Our experience has taught us the value of trust. Hence, as a team, we ensure our work is strongly rooted in the principles of sincere management, transparent transactions and safe technology.

Overcoming Roadblocks

Each business has its own fair share of challenges; ours was to gain the trust of shopkeepers. Our idea was new and most small businessmen were unfamiliar with online technology. Many resisted changing from the traditional method of handling cash to new, unknown world of online transactions. So we adapted to these challenges and changing demands.

Our field representatives visit shopkeepers to assist and clear their doubts. Also, we continuously keep improving our technology platform. Government-led initiatives such as GST and the BHIM app have also been instrumental in helping us encourage our customers to move towards an organised, digital economy.

Today, Covid-19 situation with its social distancing has accelerated digital adoption as social distancing will become a way of life, hence, we see lesser behavioural roadblocks to our business.


Making An Impact

Over 1,000 shopkeepers have availed services of Bridge2Capital in 20 cities and towns of Punjab, Rajasthan & and Telangana. Business owners have seen their income improve by 30%-50% in less than 3-4 months of association. Shopkeepers partnering with us for more than 9 months have increased their credit limit by 250%.

Over 2,500 suppliers vetted by GSTN have been onboarded by shopkeepers. And the official Play Store rating of our app is a healthy 4.3 out of 5.

Future Plans

Our aim is to reach 2 million small businesses & MSMEs in a market of 14 million retailers by 2028. We also plan to bring benefits of Bridge2Capital to about 1,500+ Indian towns and cities with high consumer demand. This aim may perhaps get accelerated in the new normal, post Covid-19.

One of our main purposes is to develop efficient processes and generate reliable consumer data. This knowledge will help us to not only serve our shopkeepers better, but also benefit our banks and other financial institutions.

Together, we can create an impact where it matters most, and connect Bharat as a widespread digital India that progresses as one.

Upcoming Products

Simple and easy to use technology to increase turnover


To enable millions of small businesses to become competitive in a growing consumption economy. We plan to do this by improving access to sufficient, affordable capital through a 100% digital platform. Bridge2Capital’s perpetual aim is to support small businesses to become successful in a consumption economy, by making affordable capital accessible through an online platform.


To accelerate local GDP by providing Bridge2Capital to millions of small businesses in small towns and cities of emerging markets, thus lifting them from an unorganized area into an organized environment.

Bridge2Capital is a Fintech platform that seamlessly combines trust with technology.


We aim to accomplish this through our strengths of entrepreneurship, trust, technological skills, and management by our future-perfect technology intervention leveraging upon the Government of India’s Digital India initiatives, such as – India Stack, BHIM, Aadhaar, and GST.

What Our Customers Say

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