Humaare Sharmaji Ke Kaamyab Business Ka Doguna Raaz Kya Hai?

By Xtracap India

Sharmaji runs a grocery store in a middle class neighbourhood with one of the first shops in the main market. A very nice, helpful person, he takes care of his customers and his family alike. In spite of a good location of his shop Sharmaji was once struggling to maintain his business.

2021 - From New Normal Towards A New Future

By Mohammed Riaz

We bid farewell not just to a year but to a decade. What an end to a decade, a year which brought the COVID-19 pandemic in the entire world and ushered a new normal.

The Fifth Element Behind Bridge2capital’s High User Engagement With Small Businesses

By Xtracap India

“Aasaan hai. Bas button dabao, aur kaam karao" - Umardeen Khan says, one of the many small business owners who use Bridge2Capital app regularly and actively with ease and confidence.

Breaking shackles! Bridge2Capital’s potential to boost SHGs finances

By Mohammed Riaz

“Takkar mein bahut hain. Par ek bahu hai. Uske aadmi ke party pehle se sarpanch ban chuke hain, rah chuke hain, unko toh aadat pad gayi hai, ”(There are many contestants. Though, there is one lady. Her husband's party has got accustomed to winning.

Bridge2Capital: Instant supplier credit in three clicks

by Maansi Sharda, Anil Gupta and Anshul Saxena

This blog post is part of a series that covers promising fintechs making a difference to underserved communities and supported by the Financial Inclusion Lab accelerator program MSC is a partner to the FI Lab which is a part of CIIE’s Bharat Inclusion Initiative.

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